MB&F’s Tom & T-Rex for Only Watch

If you’re aware of the biennial ‘Only Watch’ auction, you know it’s the world’s highest-profile charity watch auction. In early July, Only Watch unveiled the impressive 2019 collection of 50 unique pieces, donated by 52 watch brands; the sale of the pieces goes to fund research against a terrible disease, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which causes the gradual loss of basic motor functions including the ability to walk. The disease affects children.

This year’s contribution from our friends at MB&F, ‘Tom & T-Rex’, is the first example of a new unreleased series called T-Rex, launching at the end of August – and it’s not a wristwatch. The unconventional, highly metaphorical table clock was created with our trusted partners at L’Epée 1839. A small sculpture of a young boy, whom we’ve called Tom, represents the children living with the degenerative disease. Tom rides his formidable T-Rex friend, who carries him away into fantastical realms with the earth-shaking strides of the mightiest of dinosaurs; a symbol of the hope offered by the Only Watch auction to the children affected by the disease.

These symbolic elements are what strike at first, but they are substantiated by the highest-quality mechanical nature of the clock. Standing over 30cm tall and crafted from more than 200 components of palladium-plated brass, bronze and stainless steel, with a translucent dial in hand-blown Murano glass, Tom & T-Rex deliver the time with 8 days of power reserve. But more importantly, they deliver – along with the 49 other pieces of the auction – precious funds to medical research and hope to children.