Nespresso, a pioneer of portioned coffee, has introduced the revolutionary Vertuo coffee system to the Middle East. At a touch of a button, Vertuo brewing technology offers high-quality coffee in a variety of cup sizes. Coffee lovers can now enjoy their favourite drink, anyway they like.

Following the success of Vertuo in North America, Europe and Asia, it is now available in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, more than 70% of consumers in these countries prefer a large cup of coffee, often starting their day with one that is more than 200 ml. With Vertuo, Middle Eastern coffee drinkers will be able to enjoy large black or white coffees made at home, with the quality Nespresso is known for.

Sergey Makarin, Business Executive Officer at Nespresso MEA explained, “By introducing Vertuo in the Middle East, we are expanding at-home coffee options for coffee lovers with a range of large coffees without compromising the taste or extraordinary quality that Nespresso is known for. We feel that Vertuo system will meet the consumer needs for a convenient and easy of use coffee machines to produce variety of coffee sizes.”

The Vertuo system revolutionises the way coffee is made by introducing Centrifusion™, the unique rotational extraction technology, along with a new range of capsule sizes that together allow for different coffee experience from an espresso to a large cup.

At the touch of a button, the intelligent system automatically recognises the coffee capsule through barcode reading and it adjusts the extraction parameters to create the perfect full-bodied coffee, finished with a silky and generous crema.

Vertuo offers three different sized capsules, creating a range of five coffee cup sizes. Each of the 28 Vertuo coffees is carefully blended and roasted to deliver a quality coffee experience, whatever the occasion. The Mug size (230mL) gives a well-balanced body and bouquet of gentle aromas, complementing The Gran Lungos (150ml) offering the prolonged pleasure of an espresso. The largest size, Alto (414ml) serves up delicate aromatic taste to be enjoyed in a longer cup size.