Gucci surpassed itself as it opened Milan Fashion Week 2020. Having sent show invitations via WhatApp – and with the all-important hashtag #GucciTheRitual unveiled – the label’s fans and acolytes showed up expecting a heightened experience. By the end of the night, no one left the Gucci Hub without a cinematic story to tell.

Gucci’s signature vintage-inspired looks were the focus, with striking street style and luxe Halloween costuming brought to mind. Sailor looks, Victorian gowns, bondage accessories and pilgrim chic were all present.

More than just a side-show was the format of the show itself. Front and center were pre-show models… robed, with hair and makeup preparation under way, they sat as invited guests watched as mascara was applied and hair was blown… to be finished with sparkles on bands and clips.

Makeup completed, the models strode on to a circular (and soon-to-be-revolving) stage… and the room fell dark.

As the curtain fell, robes fell too; and the dressers set to work as Alessandro Michele walked through his coterie of girls as guests (now taking on the role of voyeurs) watched on.

As each model’s look was completed, they each faced the audience from the edge of the stage… their view was changing as the carousel revolved.

With an overture of cinematic production throughout – thankfully far more Fellini than Zeigfeld – Gucci’s evening of filmic elements were as stunning as the fashion.