What’s cuter than sighting a mom strutting with her children, but wait for it, in identical outfits! Very Instagram-able don’t you think?

Call it a trend, tradition, or just something we’re used to seeing in advertisements. The trend of twinning with your child is on the rise and over the past few years we’ve been witnessing it more and more, and surely, we’re loving it.

Matching Givenchy t-shirts? Yes!

Matching Dolce & Gabbana dresses? Yes, please!

We’re not telling you to add blonde streaks to your daughter’s hair, there still are some rules to be kept in mind with this trend. As cute as it sounds, it can go awfully wrong. For starters, don’t overdo it! Eid outfits, birthday parties, special family outings, these are all events where dressing up the same is considered cute. Doing it on a daily basis? Not cute. Dressing your daughter in couture at 4. Seriously, not cute.

Don’t be afraid to play around with dresses and casual clothing, jeans and flannels are always a cute outfit choice.