As the world is getting used to coexisting with COVID-19, we are all invited to take precautions in our daily lives. From wearing masks, gloves and maintaining social distancing – Today, the mask has become a necessity and has become the most wanted accessory of the season and we are seeing many fashion brands releasing masks with creative designs and a wide range of colors to appeal to the market.

Messika believed that the mask is more than just a precaution measure or a daily fashion accessory.

When designing this mask, it was obvious to the designer that this collection based on movement had to be present. With its three diamonds, the symbolism of movement has never been stronger. But not only that; move reflects a vision of love, a feeling that is unconditionally lived in the past, present and future.

‘The world as we know it has changed… Before we get back to a semblance of normal life, we’re going to have to protect ourselves. Protecting yourself and the people around us. The idea of the mask is a way of allowing us to continue our daily activities. Always inspired by my daily life, I couldn’t help but dream of it as a style accessory rather than just medical protection.’  – Valerie Messika

Supported by the hashtag #StrongerTogether; what do you think of the mask design and message behind it?