The correlation between skincare and healthcare has been at the core of Murad’s range of products. Adopting and practicing the concept of ‘Inclusive Health’, a revolutionary system of care created by Dr. Howard Murad, founder of Murad®, Inc., tackling looking better, living better and feeling better, all Murad products deliver a sense of wellness and a feel-good factor hand-in-hand with a look-good factor. 

Desiring further insight and knowledge about Murad’s cellular water principle and numerous patented formulas, we rushed to the opportunity to talk all things ‘Murad’ with Tracey Wilmot, Murad’s International Education Director, EMEA, on her recent visit to Kuwait. Here’s what she had to say about Murad’s latest advances:

Eat your water! 

”Internal hydration helps external hydration.Hydrating isn’t just about drinking your water, so much as eating it.”

We are programmed to think that we need to drink a certain amount of water per day; sure, water is important, however, what’s really going to help you on a cellular level is eating water-rich raw foods like grapes, pomegranates, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Imagine your skin as a pitcher of health, and at the base are all your vitamins through healthy foods that you can then top up with as much water as you like. 

The defining principle at Murad is our Cellular Water Principle®. Our products are pretreated with Dr. Murad’s patented formula RepleniCell®, driving water into cells hydrating from deep within. We truly believe in skin wellness through cellular hydration. A combination of ‘eating your water’ with benefits from our products will rejuvenate your skin tremendously. 


“We ignite your skin’s most beautiful potential.”

Retinol has great benefits for the skin, it helps with your skin cell turnover rate, collagen production, brightening benefits, and reversing environmental damages. Interestingly, Dr. Murad explains that we lose about 1% of our collagen every year from the age of 20, though it’s never too late to start.

Dr. Murad knew that retinol is the gold standard of anti-aging. Combating the discomforts of using traditional retinol products, our breakthrough Retinol Tri-Active Technology is a blend of 3 advanced Retinols designed to give you that Murad Glow – a buffer against irritation, a magnet attracting the benefits of retinol into the skin, increasing the skin’s receptivity to the retinol; all-in-all boosting and plumping your skin to give you ‘the baby skin’ that we all so desire. Just make sure to use these products at night and follow with a broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day.

Myth: Sunscreen vs. Vitamin D and Sunscreen Indoors, really?

Revolutionized sun care is at the heart of Murad. Our products not just protect you from the sun, but also from harmful effects from your devices like your laptop for example; the blue light and high energy visible light from such devices is a much shorter wave than UVA, UVB, and penetrates far deeper into the skin thus increasing pigmentation and sensitivity. Our City Skin SPF 50 PA++++ broad spectrum protection (no white cast) is an invisible, breathable film, stops actual dust particles and matter from adhering to your skin, protecting it while providing luminosity. As for Vitamin D, well a good combination of natural sunlight, healthy diet and supplements would be the ideal solution.

Vitamin C

Dr. Murad has been using Vitamin C formulations for many years now; our oil soluble formulation is unusually stable as it loves living with oil as opposed to water. Vitamin C is a fabulous treatment for not just brightening skin and stimulating collagen, but it’s a great partner with our Retinol products. Our best-selling pigmentation product called the Rapid Age Spot Correcting Serum is a blend of anti-inflammatories like niacinamides which I refer to as the ‘energy vitamin’; yet another ingredient called NHP3 dissolves dark spots on the surface, this serum also contains ferulic acid, antioxidants, it’s just a wonderful must-have product.


That’s the beauty of our products and our philosophy; we personalize a skincare routine optimal for your skin’s performance. Other than working with a platform of oily, dry or combination skin type, we boldly address the three main skin concerns: anti-aging, hyper-pigmentation and breakouts/acne. I would concentrate on a good cleansing ritual, our Prebiotic 4-in-1 range is great in balancing healthy bacteria on your skin. We offer an advanced skincare regimen designed to help protect and repair skin exposed to environmental assaults, from sunscreens to next-generation vitamin C, addressing the classic visible signs of environmental aging: dullness, dryness, roughness, and hyperpigmentation.

Best beauty tip

Let me add an element of skincare here as well. The holy grail of anything related to beauty, in my opinion, is our wonderful Invisiblur™ Perfecting Shield; this product really does do everything – your last skincare step and your first step before makeup application. It’s a primer, with invisible sunscreen (SPF 30), takes away unnecessary shine, provides hydration and anti-aging benefits and works great with flash photography as well.

Skincare routine dos and don’ts

Your epidermis is your upper skin layer, and dermis is the underlying living part; these two worlds talk to each other, be in tune with your skin and feed it what it needs. Never skip a cleansing ritual before bedtime. Keep in mind that you lose 3 times more hydration at night time, which is shocking to learn for most people. At night your body is going through a hibernation and repair mode, while the morning can be considered as defense mode. Make sure to use sunscreen after completing your skincare routine during the day, and at night I would recommend our Night Fix Enzyme Treatment to repair damage and dullness while you get your beauty sleep.

Skincare for men

As I mentioned earlier, we personalize a customized skincare routine which works great for all skin types. Our product range packaging is deliberately unisex and caters to both women and men alike. One of the main concerns of our male clients is breakouts and a good post-shaving experience. In fact, Dr. Murad started the acne range to address his own personal needs. As well, Murad’s Blemish Control products are dermatologist developed to help rapidly reduce breakouts, large and clogged pores, accumulated cellular debris and excess oil. 

It was refreshing to have a conversation about skincare with an emphasis on deep cell hydration and combating cultural stress. Tracey Wilmot did not hesitate to share her admiration for her role model Dr. Murad, not just for his remarkable contributions to revolutionize skincare, but for his authentic persona and artistic mindset; Dr. Murad is a recognized author as well as a celebrated artist. Dr. Murad’s focus has been towards the performance of a product and about how different ingredients work together in harmony. “You have someone who’s an artist in the way he puts products together. Someone who is a pharmacist and a dermatologist, always a visionary” says Tracey.

Tracey Wilmot also reminded us to be cautious of misinformation about ingredients and at Murad – inquisitiveness and curiosity about skincare are broadly welcomed. Murad’s full range of products is now available in Kuwait at Bloomingdale’s Kuwait, 360 Mall.