Following the success of Vertuo in North America, Europe and Asia, it is now available in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, more than 70% of consumers in these countries prefer a large cup of coffee, often starting their day with one that is more than 200 ml. With Vertuo, Middle Eastern coffee drinkers will be able to enjoy large black or white coffees made at home, with the quality Nespresso is known for.

We get the low-down from Nespresso’s Business Development Manager, Julien Mario.

We’ve been a big fan of Nespresso since day one. Tell us why we should switch to the new Vertuo now? In fact, there’s no need to switch – you can use the two of them. It’s not like one system is better than the other. Vertuo simply appeals to those who enjoy drinking a long cup. The beauty of the Vertuo system though, is that you can go from espresso up to a travel mug of 400ml!

Are there new flavours available for Vertuo? We have 28 Grand Cru coffees – with new flavors coming all the time. We have a pipeline of flavour innovations on both the original line, and the new Vertuo.

Who is the Vertuo aimed at? You, me, everyone. The signature of Vertuo is its crema – the foam – it is thicker than with our classic machine. And, as I said, anyone who wants a longer cup!

We love our coffee, but we’re health conscious. There are a lot of urban myths about how many calories are there in some Nespresso capsules. Perhaps you’d like to set the story straight. What size calorie hit are we taking with your flavoured capsules? I’m not a specialist. It’s like everything in life – take things in moderation. Our basic capsules are around 1 calorie. The flavors add more – but each small cup is a moderate amount of calories.

We’re also environmentally conscious! We’re aware Nespresso is addressing recycling of capsules. Can you tell us the best way to deal with this in Kuwait. We launched recycling earlier this year – in March. We’ve seen a lot of acceptance for this in Kuwait. We’re delighted with our customers’ response. But recycling is just one pillar of Nespresso’s commitment to sustainability. We also source our coffee from AAA programs. All of our packaging is recyclable. The new Vertuo capsules are also recyclable. Anyone who uses our ecommerce ordering site will receive a bag in which to return their used capsules. It’s easy! They can be returned for recycled in the Nespresso boutique too.

For the first few years, Nespresso had exclusive rights to producing capsules for your original machines. Now other brands make competing capsules that fit your original machines. Have you tasted them? What are your thoughts? There are more than 240 capsules competing with Nespresso – each of them has pushed – and continues to push – us to make ourselves better and to innovate. This is the key to our future – and offering a great customer experience too.