Last month we were all about DIY hair masks and all natural treatments. Moving on from natural treatments to intensive treatments, a natural approach may not be enough especially if your hair has been bleached and has gone through years of straightening, curling, crimping, and tanning sessions.

Let’s start with the filler treatment. This three step process takes 45 minutes but is definitely worth it. Dyed your hair a lot that you forgot what texture it was naturally? This treatment will bring back the texture for you! We would suggest you do it every 2-3 weeks. Botox for your hair? Who ever thought that was possible. Go for this treatment once a month if your hair is looking a bit dull. Olaplex is something else! Whether its mixed with your hair dye or alone, this treatment will restore bonds that have been broken down due to heat.

Now getting a bit deeper, tired of your excessive frizzy hair? Maybe a straight hair-do will make your life easier. Warning! These treatments aren’t for you ladies with soft straight hair. First off, Keratin will give you the sleek straight look that everyone loves. That model-like hairstyle is achievable easily with this treatment. However, it’s more of a straightening treatment than anti-frizz. As for anti-frizz, the Brazilian Blowout is the one for you. Frizz-less hair for up to 12 weeks. Wouldn’t everyone want that? Easier to manage hair is a dream come true for all of us. Bye-bye bad hair days. Last but not least, the Collagen treatment doesn’t straighten but restores and seals the cuticles for healthier hair.