ABDULLAH AL DOSSARI – CO-FOUNDER & CEO: Abdullah is a half Saudi half Kuwaiti hybrid with his own way of seeing and doing things. A graduate in Business Administration from the American University of Kuwait with a creative mind and a love for the magical powers of scent. A young entrepreneur who quit his day job to bring to life a perfume brand based on memory, emotion and seduction; ODICT.

OMAR AL HOULI – CO-FOUNDER & MARKETING DIRECTOR: Omar is an ambitious Kuwaiti. A graduate from the American University of Kuwait with an aspiration to break all boundaries. An avid traveler and an addict of fashion and culture. After his experience working with luxury brands he decided to bond his addictions and to build on his interests alongside Abdullah and set out into the world of perfumery.

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Something everyone is curious about. What does ODICT mean?

Derived from the word Addict, meaning bound and devoted, the name ODICT combines the words ‘Oud’ and ‘Addict.’ An Addict is a devotee, dedicated to their source of addiction. Oud is derived from Agarwood, and has been used ceremonially as oil (dehn al oud) or raisin (oud mubakhar) by Arabs since ancient times.

How was ODICT created and developed?

Born out of the passion of its co-founders, Odict perfumes are bound together by their love of mystery and common culture of scent. The way that smell functions in the Middle East stresses communal ties – the recognition of individuals by their scent is a form of literacy, a way of reading each person. The highly sophisticated sense for smell in the Arab world needs a fresh new platform with Odict’s modern twist on eastern scents.

What was the inspiration behind the brand and fragrances?

The intangible but very real scent of a perfume is a passageway to the unconscious, to the nature of the soul. Scent is essentially a part of every civilization and religion, existing at the heart of spirituality in every culture and era. It evokes enduring strength, memory, emotion and desire. It is associated with the element Air.

Which is each of the founders’ favorite scent out of the collection, and why?

Omar’s favorite scent from the collection is CLOUD 9, the combination of notes evokes the emotion of happiness for him. Personally, it reminds him of memories from his childhood, a simpler time.

Abdullah on the other hand prefers FULL MOON, the fresh and vibrant notes in the scent speak like a love story, a mixture of emotions, memories and seduction.

Describe ODICT from each founder’s point of view.

For Omar, ODICT scents speaks of the soul. With a belief that scents are the closest thing we have to time machines. They take us back to a certain time and memory.

Abdullah believes that the scent you choose is an extension of who you are.

A representation of a fact of your personality, you aren’t complete without your scent.

Is there a story behind naming the fragrances?

Each fragrance was named after the idea that it is an extension of who you are. Each scent created speaks directly to your soul, it translates who you are at the certain moment in time and where you want to go. It’s as essential as your clothing, therefore each name was chosen to be a balance between the soul and personality while still remaining classic.

Describe ODICT’s wearers. What are their personalities, and why have they chosen ODICT?

Odict scents are luxurious, unisex scents. They are designed and bottled for today’s modern scent addict. Odict wearers live outside the box, think globally and dress creatively. Odict allows its wearers to shapeshift and transform, leaving strong and mysterious impressions of themselves long after they’ve gone.

What are your future plans for ODICT?

Touch every soul and translate their personality through the magic of ODICT scents.

Abdullah and Omar were speaking with Rawan Qabazard