With an eye for the unusual, a knack for pairing the unexpected and a desire to surprise, Anna Rabinowicz, the Creative Director of ANNA by RabLabs, brings to her customers, products that are meant to intrigue.

Initially set out to become a journalist just like her mother, Anna discovered her purpose in life when she visited the Sagrada Familia by Gaudi in Barcelona as a young student. Like Gaudi, she too wanted to create objects that cause visual intrigue, using materials that at a first glance might seem strange together but when considered carefully are indeed one-of-a-kind. 

From its outset, ANNA, Ms. Rabinowicz’s eponymous brand has been consistent in establishing and refining the trademark style of the brand – an elevation of nature through design. The products thus created are an amalgamation of wood, semi-precious stones and precious metals like 24K gold and pure silver. A luxurious palette of ingredients married together to create distinctive shapes and styles.

The reason why Anna uses natural materials for her designs is a result of fond memories of the time spent with her father. “As a child I have visited countless gem and mineral shows with my father, where we would select stones that I would then come home, label and store carefully in a tiny chest of drawers. Everything I create is seeped in those memories of my childhood,” said Anna.

As a designer Anna is also trying to make a statement through her work. “There is a great deal of strife in our world today, and when I think of creating designs that unite materials, I am also thinking of it as a way to unite people. These distinct materials represent all the different people in the world, who would go great together if only they made the effort to communicate with each other.” 

Since its establishment, ANNA has made great effort in reaching out to different audiences, a result of which is her association with Tanagra. After careful consideration and almost a year of deliberation, Anna decided to combine forces with the team at Tanagra because she felt, like her, they too believed in the idea of family and togetherness. “Everyone at Tanagra works so well together. There is a certain kind of loyalty to the brand both amongst its employees and from its customers that is rare to find. I was confident that if I wanted to explore Middle East as a market, then Tanagra was not just the right choice but the only choice,” said Anna on why she chose to partner with them.

Passions Arabia Anna Rabinowicz - 2

What has most surprised and delighted Anna about her experience with the Middle East audience is how receptive they have been of her brand. “There is so much enthusiasm for the brand, and that’s very exciting for me. I can feel this resonance from them. I think people in the Middle East really understand and appreciate luxury.” 

As the creator of ANNA, what Ms. Robinowicz finds most rewarding is the connection people have with her brand. Spotting one of her creations in a real estate catalogue or receiving messages from friends about how their family loved her designs are a source of great joy to her. “Sometimes I hide behind columns at museum art deco stores just to see how a customer is going to react to my product,” admits Anna.

With a master’s degree from Stanford in Design and Engineering, Anna is completely in tune with not just the design process but also what goes into turning a design from an idea into reality. She has a keen interest in the intersection of science and art and a dream to someday build a house where she has created everything herself, from the door knobs, to the window frames and the interior design. 

ANNA is the perfect brand for someone who likes to elevate their life experiences. Someone who likes to entertain as much as they like to make small gestures of appreciation for their family. An artist in her own right, Anna wants to make a positive impact in the world, to leave behind a legacy of Love.