When you’re this good at making watches, you don’t need to make a song-and-dance about it. Officine Panerai has its manufacturing headquarters at the heart of the world of fine watchmaking: it’s a place where incomparable Italian design and Swiss technological excellence merge to create the iconic Panerai timepieces which are now part of history.

Our recent visit to Neuchâtel, and the Officine Panerai manufactory, revealed countless examples of the depths of detail these watchmakers go to in ensuring every Panerai exceeds its parameters of both performance and elegance.

We are fortunate enough to have visited the homes of the world’s greatest watchmakers throughout Switzerland and Saxony. Whilst each shares a key similarity of production, equally each delivers a unique distinguishing factor. It is this uniqueness. perhaps, that overtly represents the core DNA of the brand.

In Panerai’s case we found a regime of extensive, endless, tireless testing, and a company that errs towards minimalism, a company that matches function with form – to perfection.

The most innovative technologies in the field, together with the excellent craftsmanship which has made Switzerland the world’s centre of high quality watchmaking, continue to perpetuate the legend of the Panerai watches which were originally created in the 1930s and 1940s for the commandos of the Italian Navy. The original Italian design of the watches, pure, minimalist and faithful to the inspiration of the original examples, blends perfectly with Swiss watchmaking expertise, so that Panerai’s models are icons of international high quality sports watchmaking.

In this short series, we’ll be looking deeper in to Officine Panerai, and sharing details of the manufacture together with a few of our favourite Panerai watches.

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Since its debut on the international market, Panerai has chosen the phrase “Laboratorio di Idee” to indicate its commitment to the continuous search for innovative technical solutions which will raise the standards and performance of its watches ever higher. The word “laboratorio”, Latin in origin, evokes the resourcefulness of the Panerai family, natives of Florence who not only founded the first watch workshop in the city in 1860, but who also transformed a family activity into a forwardlooking company capable of creating innovations and revolutionary products which have become classics in the history of watchmaking.