In the midst of all the uncertainty happening around the world we reached out to Roger Vivier’s Creative Director Gherardo Felloni to get his insights on how this challenging period impacts the fashion industry generally and Roger Vivier specifically. Find out what Mr. Felloni has to say about Roger Vivier today, the TikiiViv collection and what to expect to see in the future.  

PA: The whole world took a hit with Covid-19; what challenges would you say has RV faced and how did you overcome them?
GF: The biggest challenge would be transitioning to the work-from-home setup. We had to make sure that everyone was equipped for this and, sometimes, coordinating schedules for video calls were challenging. But, eventually, we all fell into a rhythm and it’s so much easier now. Also, I would say that the closing of the manufacture was a challenge but it’s been open for a while now, so we are catching up.

PA: How has the lockdown impacted your creative vision?
GF: Creativity is always present because there is never a lack of inspiration. Inspiration is everywhere, now it’s more insightful and we just have to look closer – in our homes, in books or in films.

PA: How does the social and economic situation inspire you to stay relevant?
GF: All the fashion houses are adapting to this new situation and, for us at Roger Vivier, we also make sure that we remain sensitive in our approach to stay relevant. I have done plenty of interviews where I share insights not only about the industry but also about life in general – I think it’s important to connect on that level now more than ever.

PA: Do you think clients approach to fashion and luxury will change and how?
GF: Yes, it has already changed. I think, consumerism will be very different. People will pay more attention to what they buy. Quality will be a main point of consideration, especially in luxury.

PA: We saw that in East Asia after the countries reopened, luxury shoppers resumed their shopping habits and more – Do you believe we will see the same reaction in our side of the world?
GF: The shopping culture of Asians has always been very different from that of Europeans or even in the Middle East so I don’t think there will be the same trend everywhere.

PA: The TikiiViv collection is such a fun collection that we personally fell in love with and thought it brought back happiness and good memories especially during these uncertain times – What was the inspiration behind it?
GF: I designed the TikiiViv’ styles as pieces that will really get you in that summer mood and remind you of your favorite holiday. There are bright colors, there are pastels and I used natural materials like raffia and feathers. It’s fun and elegant at the same time.

PA: How do you see Roger Vivier evolving and what’s next for RV?
GF: I’ve always said that Roger Vivier is a Maison of evolution and my job is to help the Maison evolve and to drive it forward. It’s not easy, like with everything about creation, but having such a beautiful and important heritage is a great support and source of inspiration.

PA: What kind of life lessons you would hope to emerge? And the message you would like to send to readers?
GF: There are plenty of lessons to be learned from this situation and there will be plenty more to come, but we have to stay positive and find ways to move forward.