01 733 7712 4085-Set LS - Oris Thelonious Monk Limited Edition

The master of dissonance

Continuing the Oris tradition of creating watches honouring iconic jazz artistes, the Oris Thelonious Monk Limited Edition salutes one of the finest American jazz pianists and composers.

Thelonious Monk was one of the guiding lights of modern jazz, remembered most for his masterly use of dissonance to set apart his music, a style defined by harmonies that are unstable within an overall harmonic context. In 1944, Monk wrote Round Midnight, which has since become the most recorded jazz standard composed by a jazz musician.

The Oris Thelonious Monk Limited Edition is a celebration of Monk’s distinctive style and talent. The 40mm steel watch has a sunray finished smoke blue dial with polished dots, and has the uncommon arrangement of 11 minute markers between the 10 and 12-hour markers, a nod to Monk’s dissonant technique.

On the reverse, the case back is engraved with the words ‘MONK ALWAYS KNOW’, referring to one of Monk’s many memorable quips inspired by the letters on his custom-made ring. To audiences, the ring appeared to say ‘KNOW’, but when approached, he would explain it read ‘MONK’.


The watch is presented in a wooden box with a satin grey lacquer finish.