Be seen in long and languid silhouettes set against crisp tailored pieces. Throw in a little color contrast for maximum impact. From day one, & Other Stories has never defined style as being right or wrong. Offering a broad variety in our collections and inspiration, from our design Ateliers in Paris, Stockholm and Los Angeles, has always been our guiding light.

Around 2011 we had an idea for a beauty brand with a strong fashion connection, but kept returning to the importance of the whole look. Even though beauty was our starting point we eventually added everything from ready-to-wear, shoes, bags, stationery, jewellery and lingerie. It was an opportunity for us to create the one-stop styling destination we always dreamt of.

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We chose a name that would reflect our ideas and passion, a name that would help us transcend fashion by telling stories and came up with & Other Stories. It is an old way of saying short stories and the ‘&’ makes it easy to say something in connection to our brand, like ‘Regent Street & Other Stories’ or ‘Rodarte & Other Stories’. It is adaptable to every story we want to tell.

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Our customer is a woman with a love for fashion who creates her own style. She wears things that feel right to her and reflect her personality. We would like our collections to bring every woman joy, no matter her age, no matter her style.

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Female empowerment is a constant cornerstone at & Other Stories. We speak to women as individuals with the ambition to inspire and empower them rather than dictate how to dress. Personal style is all about diversity and telling a story of your own.

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