Accessories play a significant part in completing and complimenting our outfits, and our handbags can either make or break the look. Choosing the perfect bag for your look is crucial. The options are endless, and designers continue to surprise us without limiting themselves to anything when it comes to creativity.

As seasons come and go, some items such as the Chanel Boy Bag stay beloved classics. Bringing back the belt bag, now that was a bold, successful move. Other brands such as Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga have started designing belt bags in newer designs and bigger quantities for us fashion-hungry, trend-loving buyers.

Another concept that we’re not sure what to call – is it a belt, a bag, a belt bag or preferably a ‘utility belt bag’? The Fendi Leather Multi-Tool Belt Bag is one of the top accessories of this year so far. It includes a phone slot, card slots, a lobster clasp, and a keychain. This utility accessory can be worn around the waist and across the body as well. Its popularity didn’t take us by surprise as we were the first ones to put our names down on that waiting list! 

Another bag that caught our eyes is not your typical micro purse that fits a few items. Let’s take a look at the latest Jacquemus Le Chiquito Mini Bag. It caused quite the stir at Paris Fashion Week; the palm-sized bag barely fits anything. But do we want it? Of course! Imagine a perfectly tailored white jumpsuit with a canary yellow Jacquemus Le Chiquito. Perfection? We think so too.

Main image: Jacquemus Spring Summer 2019, via