With a career in media that began as a 16-year-old, and living in Kuwait since 2003, Tamara’s is a face and a voice that will be known to many of you. Well-connected within Kuwait throughout both the local and international communities, she is a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment and a tireless supporter of good causes. 

Today, she uses her radio show to lend support to community events and worthy initiatives. And now, you’ll be able to follow Tamara through Passions Arabia’s social media feeds, online, as well as in-print monthly in Men’s Passion magazine.

The Syrian Art Journey // The Hub Gallery

Early February saw Tamara at The Hub Gallery for The Syrian Art Journey exhibition, held in collaboration with Syrian artist Aya Khair.

This affordable art exhibition had 10 renowned Syrian artists participating with exclusive paintings, and exquisite handmade furniture including tables featuring the Aramaic alphabet, as well as paintings that represented Syrian history and a variety of causes. 

Heart Spark // Kuwait’s first special needs after-school activity centre 

Midmonth, Tamara presented the Grand Opening of Heart Spark – the first after-school activity centre for children with special needs in Kuwait. Owned by Eman Al-Hamad, it is located at The View Complex Salmiya M2. 

The event welcomed Ambassadors from many countries including the United States of America, Germany, Mexico, Australia, Honduras, Peru, Lebanon, Greece and Romania along with the elite of Kuwait elite society. 

This centre is the first of its kind, and was built from the ground up to help children with special needs explore and learn both before and after school. Powered by America’s leading special needs software platform ‘Rethink’ and supported by qualified doctors and technicians, Heart Spark provides a unique and state of the art environment to help special needs children reach their full potential. Heart Spark has developed activities across several areas including arts and crafts, music, communication skills and very much more.