If you have been hurt badly in an accident while doing some sports activities, chances are you’ll feel the agony longer before you can even start to do some training again. Swelling of the muscles, build up of lactic acid, myofascial pain, soft tissue problem, overuse muscle and other minor inflammatory injuries are setbacks pro-athletes and even ordinary people encounter some time in their life. During this period, you feel thousands of emotions testing your resiliency as a person. You may find yourself questioning whether you should move forward or simply give it up.

The wellness and aesthetic specialist and LPG ME spokesperson, Dr.Sami Jaber, said “It is natural for a person to feel depressed after such injury. However, they should not dwell much on worrying about as to how to recover for there are ways which can help them get back on your feet quickly the natural way.”

He added that aside from an injury or overuse of muscles, this condition is also caused by tension, stress, anxiety, and strenuous physical activities. Hence, fretting over the problem won’t do any good but rather it will just worsen.

RICE (Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation) treatment is good for treating an injured muscle. It is easy to do, simply stop the activity that causes the problem for at least 48 hours to prevent from getting it worse. Place the ice packs or cold gel in the affected area for about 10 to 20 minutes and repeat for 4 times or more in a day to reduce the pain and swelling. Then wrapped it with elastic or tensor bandage. Make sure not to wrap it too tightly as it will affect the blood circulation. Lastly, elevate the area where it is injured at or above the level of your heart to reduce blood flow. This also helps with the swelling.

Another treatment you can do to recover quickly, relax, prevent injuries in the future and at the same time enhance your performance is with the use of LPG Cellu M6 Alliance.

Dr.Sami Jaber explained “the manual massage strokes of the new technology, Alliance, mechanically stimulates the tissue and fasciae therefore correcting muscular and soft tissue problems as it relaxes the body, removes toxins and lactic acids and improves the blood circulation”.

The LPG Endermologie therapy is non-surgical and its effectiveness is supported by 145 clinical studies. It works in the principle of the endermologie – a mechanical mobilization of the skin tissue. The system of suction, rolls and flaps does the deep massaging action. It acts upon the cutaneous and subcutaneous structures such as connective tissues, fatty tissues, as well as vascular and lymphatic circulation. Overall, improving cellular function.

With the right treatment and care, you’ll be back in shape just before you know it.