Unsurprisingly, last month’s focus was on Porsche’s new E-Hybrid Panamera. The future is (at least part) electric, but that doesn’t mean gas-only automobiles don’t still have legs. Take the Sport Turismo, for example.

With the Panamera Sport Turismo, Porsche is introducing an avant-garde touring car to the luxury segment whose triple pillars of dynamics, comfort and versatility represent a unique alternative to the traditional saloon. Following on from the Panamera sports saloon with its optional long or short wheelbase, the new Sport Turismo is now the third model to bring fresh impetus to the luxury segment with its dynamic design. With its completely redesigned rear, the designers in the development centre in Weissach have changed the design impression, the package and the character of the large Porsche. Michael Mauer and the head exterior designer Peter Varga were able to further refine the lines of the concept study presented at the 2012 Paris Motor Show and transfer this to mass production. Numerous elements ensure a powerful design, not least the pronounced shoulders in the style of a sports car. Based on the Porsche Design DNA, a Panamera version was born that is just as homogeneous and definitive as the sports saloon.

The Panamera combines high levels of comfort, typical Porsche sportiness and an avant-garde design with high versatility. This makes it an exception in the luxury segment, and represents an alternative for all those for whom the fixed interior structure of a conventional saloon offers too little flexibility. The new Panamera Sport Turismo underlines the unique selling point of the model line with an even more versatile rear. The new model is the first Panamera to leave the Porsche plant in Leipzig with a three-seat rear bench. Two individual seats in the rear are still available as an option.

The already generous luggage compartment volume of the sports saloon has now also been enlarged by 20 litres in the Sport Turismo (plus 50 litres when the seats are folded down and the space is loaded up to the roof). The luggage compartment of the fiveseater configuration is particularly large, holding up to 520 litres. When loaded to roof height, the luggage compartment volume increases to 1,390 litres.

Porsche offers the new Panamera Sport Turismo in five different powertrain versions with power ranging from 243 kW (330 hp) to 404 kW (550 hp). All engines – V6 and V8 – are new developments that were first presented with the second-generation Panamera. The Sport Turismo is available as a petrol engine, diesel and plug-in hybrid. All petrol and diesel engines share an engine concept with an innovative central turbo layout, with the turbo/biturbo systems integrated in the inner V of the cylinder blocks. The direct fuel injectors also have injectors positioned centrally in the combustion chamber.