Winter is coming! And there’s no better place to prepare yourself than at the Passions Arabia Exhibition. A curated collection of Kuwaiti and regional designers from the fields of jewelry, fashion, shoes, bags, home accessories, beauty and art are gathering together under one roof at the Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait on 25th and 26th November. 10am – 1pm, and 5pm – 10pm.

ART & DESIGN PROFILES 2: Based in Kuwait, Al Awadi is a trained architect, an admired teacher, and a celebrated artist, working in the fields of costume and jewelry design, photography, and digital printing. His love for geometric patterns features calligraphy and icons of the Arab world that play with the idea of revisiting the complete notion of “Islamic design.”

“The majority of my design journeys have me revisiting traditional patterns, regardless of the fact they are social, artistic or geometric in nature; as well contemporary regional crafts whether existing, traditional, avant-garde or those on their way to extinction.” Abdulla Al-Awadi

The local tradition of weaving Sadu (flat-woven carpets) has been a part of nomadic life for a long time and is unfortunately on the verge of extinction. A practice that has been passed down for generations, a young Bedouin girl would start weaving for her home from a young age till she was ready for marriage, making her the first architect in the region.

A constant companion in Abdulla’s journeys is the ‘word’ which is inherent in many of his art pieces and inspired by songs, poetry, proverbs, and the Holy Quran. In this collection, the aesthetic appearance of the ‘word’ initiates the statement, and its repetition generates the overall geometrical pattern of the carpet. Without a doubt, art as a mode of dialogue!


Fashion Designer Profiles

1 – Bazza Alzouman

2 – Mariane Bechara

3 – Second St

4 – CSB Ready-to-Wear

5 – Qouture by Q

6 – Heba Al Enezi

7 – Nada Al Ayoub

Accessories and Fashion Jewelry Designers

1 – Okhtein

2 – Zyne

3 – Eight

4 – Roqaya’s Rocks

5 – Th’haba

6 – Falamank by Tarfa Itani

7 – The Twist

8 – Ebbara

9 – Intisars

Beauty and Cosmetics

1 – K7L by Areej Sultan Al Essa

2 – Prismologie

3 – ASAP Beauty

4 – Suhad Perfumes

Art and Design 

1 – Selim Mawad

2 – Abdulla Al Awadi