Winter is coming! And there’s no better place to prepare yourself than at the Passions Arabia Exhibition. A curated collection of Kuwaiti and regional designers from the fields of jewelry, fashion, shoes, bags, home accessories, beauty and art are gathering together under one roof at the Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait on 25th and 26th November. 10am – 1pm, and 5pm – 10pm.

BEAUTY & COSMETICS PROFILES 3: ASAP Beauty was founded by Kuwaiti Entrepreneur Sheikha Majda Al-Sabah who started her own business as a beauty industry maverick in 2008, filling a need she recognized in the regional markets. 

While interacting with her followers, Majda noticed a necessity to introduce formulations that were specific to regional skin and hair, made with natural ingredients such as argan oil, tea tree oil, lavender, chamomile, coconut oil, coffee, olive oil, collagen, orange blossoms water, sea salt along with many others that were incorporated in unique formulas when launching ASAP’s very own skincare & haircare brand. 

As her products took off with the challenge of a more significant workload, new working lifestyle, and a growing number of responsibilities, Majda found herself under immense pressure, manifesting into exhaustion and leading her into depression. She was taken aback by the resistance and stigma surrounding the topic of depression when sharing this with the community, as if it were a shameful matter that needed to be kept hidden.



Fashion Designer Profiles

1 – Bazza Alzouman

2 – Mariane Bechara

3 – Second St

4 – CSB Ready-to-Wear

5 – Qouture by Q

6 – Heba Al Enezi

7 – Nada Al Ayoub

Accessories and Fashion Jewelry Designers

1 – Okhtein

2 – Zyne

3 – Eight

4 – Roqaya’s Rocks

5 – Th’haba

6 – Falamank by Tarfa Itani

7 – The Twist

8 – Ebbara

9 – Intisars

Beauty and Cosmetics

1 – K7L by Areej Sultan Al Essa

2 – Prismologie

3 – ASAP Beauty

4 – Suhad Perfumes

Art and Design 

1 – Selim Mawad

2 – Abdulla Al Awadi