Winter is coming! And there’s no better place to prepare yourself than at the Passions Arabia Exhibition. A curated collection of Kuwaiti and regional designers from the fields of jewelry, fashion, shoes, bags, home accessories, beauty and art are gathering together under one roof at the Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait on 25th and 26th November. 10am – 1pm, and 5pm – 10pm.

BEAUTY & COSMETICS PROFILES 4: A creation envisioned by the most celebrated Kuwaiti perfumer Suhad Al-Qenaei led to the recognition that Suhad Perfumes enjoys since it was founded in Kuwait in 1996.

Suhad Perfumes was born as a small boutique, and through a series of local and international exhibitions, spanning 10 years, the perfumery experienced global recognition. Suhad Al-Qenaei’s broad expertise and knowledge gained under the supervision of perfume expert, John Bailey helped elevate the brand above all competition in the Kuwaiti market. Suhad Perfumes became a member of the UK Fragrance Foundation in 2006, becoming the first Middle Eastern perfumery to receive the honor. It hosts a commercial line of 27 different creative blends.

The company’s popularity transcends the borders of Kuwait, most sought after by people in the Arabian Gulf. Suhad Perfumes have the vision to grow globally through well-chosen partnerships. Suhad Al-Qenaei is not only a premier fragrance expert in Kuwait and the Gulf region, but she also continues to be a successful role model for all Arab women. Suhad’s ingenuity in the creation of unique fragrances saw her rise through the ranks in the global perfume industry, where she now enjoys a prominent and respected status. Suhad was named “The Lady of Fragrance” by the Kuwaiti and Arab press and was included in Michael Edwards Fragrances of the World guide, a definitive perfume encyclopedia.

For Suhad, the creation of a fragrance is synonymous with diving into a sea of imagination and dreams. The secret to her success has much to do with her ability to create exclusive bespoke scents that complement the personality of the individuals wearing it.



Fashion Designer Profiles

1 – Bazza Alzouman

2 – Mariane Bechara

3 – Second St

4 – CSB Ready-to-Wear

5 – Qouture by Q

6 – Heba Al Enezi

7 – Nada Al Ayoub

Accessories and Fashion Jewelry Designers

1 – Okhtein

2 – Zyne

3 – Eight

4 – Roqaya’s Rocks

5 – Th’haba

6 – Falamank by Tarfa Itani

7 – The Twist

8 – Ebbara

9 – Intisars

Beauty and Cosmetics

1 – K7L by Areej Sultan Al Essa

2 – Prismologie

3 – ASAP Beauty

4 – Suhad Perfumes

Art and Design 

1 – Selim Mawad

2 – Abdulla Al Awadi