Winter is coming! And there’s no better place to prepare yourself than at the Passions Arabia Exhibition. A curated collection of Kuwaiti and regional designers from the fields of jewelry, fashion, shoes, bags, home accessories, beauty and art are gathering together under one roof at the Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait on 25th and 26th November. 10am – 1pm, and 5pm – 10pm.

ACCESSORIES & FASHION JEWELRY DESIGNER PROFILES 5: Founded in 2011 by Architect Abrar Alebrahim, TH’HABA Jewelry was an experiment in gold and diamonds and an attempt to bring a new concept of everyday versatility and unique fine jewelry to the Arab world. Inspired by architectural and structural systems, traditional jewelry in the Middle East and Asia, nature, poetry, and renovation continue to be the driving forces behind the design process of the collections.

TH’HABA has become famous for exploring different cuts, colors, shapes and placement of diamonds as well as designing adaptable elements that can be stacked and matched together to indulge in a never-ending journey with jewels. All diamonds and stones are handpicked and curated for the pieces with much care and precision, giving every piece a story to be told and a journey to be explored.

In 2016, the flagship store in the Shuwaikh Industrial Area in Kuwait was opened, and with that, KITTAB TH’HABA emerged as a cultural and social platform; a melting pot allowing the concept store to host designers and artisans from Kuwait and all around the world as well as to conduct workshops and seminars in various fields.

In her latest collections, Abrar induces the many facets of her personality by infusing spirituality into her designs, playing with the Arabic language, numbers, and geometries to transmit the universal message of love and peace into this world.



Fashion Designer Profiles

1 – Bazza Alzouman

2 – Mariane Bechara

3 – Second St

4 – CSB Ready-to-Wear

5 – Qouture by Q

6 – Heba Al Enezi

7 – Nada Al Ayoub

Accessories and Fashion Jewelry Designers

1 – Okhtein

2 – Zyne

3 – Eight

4 – Roqaya’s Rocks

5 – Th’haba

6 – Falamank by Tarfa Itani

7 – The Twist

8 – Ebbara

9 – Intisars

Beauty and Cosmetics

1 – K7L by Areej Sultan Al Essa

2 – Prismologie

3 – ASAP Beauty

4 – Suhad Perfumes

Art and Design 

1 – Selim Mawad

2 – Abdulla Al Awadi