Sunset on the City of Lights, colors that slide from the vivid tones of the day to the subtle shades of night. Alithia Spuri-Zampetti draws her inspiration from a Parisian woman influenced by many cultural sources, and seeking new horizons. Therein resides the magic of the Paule Ka 2018 Pre-Collection: a delicious slide into the city and the impressions and souvenirs of Oriental voyages.

READY-TO-WEAR – Little by little, a new day dawns, where the rich tones of winter are awoken by the nascent light of spring. Silhouettes are constructed for a woman out on the town. Paule Ka redefines the pantsuit and transforms daywear into a glorious moment to guide an ever-more active woman. The perfect lines of a crisp wool trouser are paired, here with a jacket, there with a new shirt concept where habotai and poplin offer their classic feel in service of an incontestably feminine spirit.

ACCESSORIES – Urban accessories, easy to live with and full of poetry, give the tone of the season. A surprise guest: gloves are back. Well-chosen color pairings and perfect finishes, this indispensable hand ornament has been created to complete a rich collection inspired by travel and intimate secrets. Ode summer, costume jewelry recalls the treasures of the sea: clusters of pearls curl around the earlobe, while corals, threatened treasures, are subtly recreated to decorate lariats and brooches. A lobster, dressed in crystallized finery, invites himself to this seaside caper.