Through his architectural approach to interior and product design, London-based Ziad Alonaizy is building a reputation as one of today’s most conceptual and yet liveable designers. In the new handmade AEGIS collection, Alonaizy blends avant-guarde lines with traditional Italian artisanal skills.

Ziad Alonaizy’s concept for AEGIS 001 is simple in form: a bird cage being pried open by two fingers. In this he asks whether his metaphorical bird is better protected by being inside the cage or by being let loose into the world. 

The cage is representative of today’s culture and the entrapment one feels by following social expectations. The bending of the wires and his setting the bird free represents empowerment and the release of ideas and creativity. The lightness of the design also reflects this weight being lifted. 

“Eternal elegance is at the core of the design of AEGIS furniture; to be a future icon and timeless.” 

Ziad Alonaizy 

Alonaizy’s AEGIS 001 debuted at Decorex in September 2017. Designed in London, and handmade in Italy, all materials and components are sourced in Italy too before being crafted by a family of metal artisans that have been honing the skills for generations. 

Every element of AEGIS furniture is assembled and finished by hand including the metal plating, the sanding down of any welding marks and the arduous threading of the steel wire. The result delivers impeccable quality and a seemless finish. 

He is currently prototyping other designs to be released soon, and is also working with a well-known high-end brand to create a collection of home furniture and accessories to debut next year.