“Ok this is my last one I promise.” Some of us just love getting our ears pierced! Up until a few years ago we hadn’t been formally introduced to “ear styling”. Yes, it’s an actual thing. There are 16 different types of ear piercings, from tragus to helix to industrial. We’re about to give you a few ideas and tips on how to style your ear – but we’re warning you, it can be addictive.

  • First things first, decide on the location of your piercing. Whether you’re opting to do one at a time or all at the same time, research is important. Take a look at different pictures and see what suits you.
  • Always get your piercings done by a professional who uses sterilized equipment.
  • Aftercare is very important if you want to enjoy styling your ear up. Clean your piercing at least three times a day with a solution. Rotate the earring every few hours.
  • For lobe piercings leave the earrings in for a minimum of 6 weeks. For cartilage piercings, leave them in for a minimum of 12!
  • After your ear rests and recovers, it’s time to pick out the earrings and decide on what suits your personal style. Play around with different metals in different parts of your ears. If you only have one piercing, a one (or maybe two) carat diamond would look gorgeous. If you have let’s say three, go for 0.3 carats in different shapes and settings.