We have noticed an array of colors and hues on the runway, but don’t you agree that there’s that one color that just pops out and you know that’s the ”it color” of the season. This month it’s all pink! Clothes, bags, shoes, sunglasses… you name it. We’re not saying you should go all Elle Woods on us but introducing some pink into your wardrobe this month is the right way to go. Don’t worry about looking like a Barbie, we’ll guide you through it.

Some of you might consider the color pink too girly, if that’s the case then you should opt for light hues of pink such as pastel pink or a slightly darker shade but still within the “baby pink” range. For the ones who want to embrace the girly touch, a floral pink dress with a pair of nude flats is the perfect outfit. As for the Elle Woods’ of the world, go all out. A fuchsia blazer? Why not. Hot pink handbag? Yes, please! However, remember that there is also something called too much pink; play with your options till you find your perfect pink balance.