Mohammad Sami Alkhiraibet, aka M.S.K, the source of his inspiration for the brand name by M.S.K, holds a passion of merging his love for his homeland and the Arab culture with elements of Western influence and modernity.

A Glimpse into MSK’s Fashion Journey and His Latest Collection

Kuwait has been his home all along, and it is here that he completed his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. Mohammad’s admiration for fashion, well that started way back in his early years as a little boy. He clearly remembers watching fashion shows with his mother, examining the models strut the runway dressed in the world’s top designers always felt like a transcending experience according to him. He developed a taste for high fashion as he grew up and developed close friendships with likeminded people in the industry and the rest is history. In college, Mohammad would construct masquerade masks and now he designs clothes and sometimes makes music too!

What inspired you to start your own brand?

I had several different visions & inspirations, but life in the Middle East was the biggest influence for my first fashion collection. I wanted to pay homage to lives that came and walked this land before me. I am also inspired by elements of nature I see and experience around me, what lies beneath the surface of the sea, the mystery, the emptiness of the desert, and the open skies. Adding to that inspiration a touch of gold from the edges of a Bisht after it’s been deconstructed, and a little bit (or a lot) of Arabic calligraphy and somehow my clothing line was born.

What are some of the key pieces that got the most buzz?

The Arabic calligraphy bomber jacket and the rain coat. I debuted them in the Millennials Fashion Show in December 2017. It was about a year before that show, I had randomly created a jacket and jokingly posted it on Facebook with the caption “inspired by life in the Middle East, my fashion collection is coming soon.” People started to interact with it, connect with it, and enquired on how to get one of their own. At first I freaked out and deleted the post! But then I saw it as a sign from the universe that I should pursue this dream of mine. Somehow it all worked out.

What is your favorite piece out of your latest collection, and why?

I can’t pick just one piece, but I really love the new sleeveless female jumpsuit, it’s all black with the front and back cutout, the front has a Bisht trim. It is special to me because in my Kuwaiti culture the Bisht resembles masculinity, and now by repurposing it for women, that’s like reclaiming female power and breaking a little bit of the gender roles of a male dominated society.

You can soon see it on the Instagram page @bymskofficial.


What or who do you turn to for inspiration before starting to work on a collection?

Everywhere! I like originality, I like talking to people and seeing what they miss the most, in life generally, and try to fill in those blanks with clothes and creations. I seek truth in everything us humans do. 

I must add that Berlin is a city that has inspired me and it keeps inspiring me. The past few years I have fallen in love with Berlin because it gives me a sense of liberation I yearn to see in this part of the world.

Describe your personal style.

I like to describe my style as ‘poetry meets fashion.’ I try to capture the essence of passion from the Arab world while maintaining a modern edge from the Western world. Merging cultures is the secret. 

What does the future hold for your brand?

My friends in Lebanon are helping launch a website soon so that people from all over the world can reach us and purchase from the collections. In addition, I am collaborating with Sultan Al Samhan on a limited edition t-shirt collection. Hopefully, more collaborations with local and international artists. I’m also working on music project that comes out early next year. 

Sky is the limit!