With World Diabetes Day just passed, we’re taking a look at a topic that’s widely visited. With a lot of opinions, we’re lost, is sugar really that bad for us? After careful research, and from personal experience: Yes! Sugar really is the enemy. However, we’re not talking about natural sugars that are found in fruits and honey (but keep in mind you can’t indulge freely in those as well).

Ever noticed when you start to cut out sugar from your diet you get these  \awful headaches and agitation. These are “sugar withdrawal” symptoms. It does have a drug-like effect and cravings for sugar may even be stronger than some drugs! Studies have also shown that sugar can impair the brain’s function. Some ingredients may not actually straight up say that they contain sugar but syrups, brown sugar, coconut sugar, palm sugar, sucrose and many more are all other words for sugar. Curb your sweet tooth with fruits, and if you really do need some alternatives, then as stevia or xylitol, not before you’ve tested the benefits and taste of honey, maple syrup or even agave nectar syrup.