As always during Milan Fashion Week, the sum of Prada’s looks was greater than its total. Pick a look? No. Pick a paradox, that works far better. This time, it’s Miuccia’s assertion that delicacy can define strength.

We’re living in a world and at a moment in time like no other. Where once disruption was an attractive term for new thinking, we’re finding there’s a little too much in flux right now, and without a steady hand on the global steering wheel, no one seems to know where we’re heading.

Climate change, global conflict, unchallenged human rights abuses, weak politicians, and a dilution of fashion. Oh, and Covid-19 too.

However, the Pradasphere can always be relied upon to interpret our cultural moments and social movements.

In the US, the Democratic Party’s once hot-list of female presidential candidates all but overlooked the notion of fashion throughout their failed campaigns – what were they afraid of? The trivializing of their politics through their creation of a style, their adoption of glamor? Their lead mimicked by other women of power… it’s time for a new view!

Miuccia never shies away from mirroring the pluralism and complexity of female identities. Who says a woman can’t be both glamorous and a leader? Not Miuccia, for sure. Rather, she sees glamour as “something that makes you optimistic, that lifts you up.”

For Fall Winter 2020, her collection’s vents, layered fringes and deconstructed pleats reveal female skin and accentuate feminine movement. Sport and glamour are combined to define new forms and functions.

Long may Miuccia Prada reign as the barometer of political correctness in the world of fashion. Without a hint of clichéd femininity, she swept aside (once and for all) the notion that to appear strong, a woman must hide inside the suit of a man.

Delicacy can define strength… see for yourself in our gallery of catwalk images below…