Designed as an exquisite metal and gemstone lacework, this collection was imagined by Caroline Scheufele as a perfect alliance between Haute Couture and High Jewellery. Timeless design enables Chopard to set its unique seal on a line epitomising its expertise and mastery of the jewellery-making art.

Sparkling diamond ‘lace’ reveals the sensuality of the skin it adorns. Dazzling precious coloured stones twinkle in the light of the crystalline chandeliers of a ballroom, on an evening full of promise. The stellar radiance of a High Jewellery set in all its resplendent majesty. From the magic of festive evenings and whirling gowns, Chopard has drawn both the inspiration and the supremely graceful elegance of its signature High Jewellery. Peerless allure, an unparalleled sense of light and motion. Precious Chopard symbolises the quintessence of classic jewellery expertise and faithfully preserved traditions, nurtured by a new vision and exceptional creative boldness. These creations invite us to explore a fascinating universe of contemporary jewellery, illuminated by the energy and the visionary talent of Caroline Scheufele.

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A constantly renewed signature

Precious Chopard sets the stage for precious intertwining patterns where the radiance and power of precious stones reveal their aesthetic marvels. The result is a true ‘goldsmith’s wardrobe’, in which the delicacy of openworked fabric echoes the immaterial lightness of the gemsetting as well as the architectural lines of this collection, weaving subtle ties between the world of Haute Couture and that of High Jewellery. These lines, harmonious and light, classical yet sophisticated, have become the unmistakable signature of the Maison, embodying both its jewellery expertise and its creative genius.

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Among the creations composing this repertoire, Chopard turns the spotlight on emeralds through a series of slender necklaces, dainty matching earrings and a majestic pair of chandelier earrings composed of four gracefully flowing cascades of emeralds. Essentially composed of precious stones featuring pear and heart shapes – the latter being one of Caroline Scheufele’s favourite gem cuts – , these timeless jewellery creations unfurl their flamboyant diamond lacework.

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Chopard High Jewellery

The most spectacular Haute Joaillerie pieces are conceived in the heart of Chopard’s Geneva workshops. Thanks to its creative vision, the Maison has steadily developed the High Jewellery sector that is firmly rooted in the jewellery-making tradition of the Scheufele family. From designs through to production, artisans combine their skills to give shape to authentic works of art, where traditional craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technologies. These exceptional creations call upon the entire range of High Jewellery professions: designers, wax sculptor-jewellers, jewellers, gem-cutters, gemsetters, polishers… Transforming line into volume, from gold crafting to gemstone workmanship, they give life to these jewellery creations by pooling their respective talents – a complementary approach made possible by gathering more than 30 skills under a single roof. A singular wealth that the Scheufele family carefully nurtures by passing on expertise from generation to generation, along with promoting training and the in-house integration of broadly varied professions.

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