Lana Marks has, over the past twenty-five plus years, built a high end luxury brand based on the quality of their unsurpassed luxury products and customer loyalty.

LANA MARKS PALM BEACH, located on Worth Avenue, caters to many of the world’s wealthiest customers during the height of the Palm Beach Social Season.

Lana Marks’ Princess Diana bag was Princess Diana’s favorite and most precious designer bag. The elegant top-handle bag was crafted from the finest American alligator skin and is still dominating the high-end luxury market for handbags.

The royal tale began when Diana visited a retail outlet in Washington and fell in love with Lana’s designs at first sight. Diana requested Lana to design a bag for her, which would ideally be fashionable, iconic, trendy, and able to transcend time. Princess Diana loved the classic staple and she placed an order of 15 more bags in different hues, stating that the bag was ‘tall and slim – just like her’; this is when a lifelong friendship began.

In remembrance of the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, and to celebrate their friendship, Lana Marks designed a red alligator bag with a diamond-studded heart. The diamond-studded red alligator contains 3.22 carats of diamonds, fashioned into a heart-shaped lock.

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The celebratory Princess Diana bag inspired Lana to add many other stunning and elegant bags to her collection, in different sizes and exotic leathers such as: the ostrich skin, which displayed the same iconic shape. To this day, the Princess Diana bag remains one of Lana Marks’ signature luxury handbags and only a limited number are crafted each year.

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