Some masterpieces are born on the streets and Bradley Theodore makes the world his canvas. The striking use of color and texture is a true reflection of the energy and passion he brings to his art.

PUMA teamed up with the renowned street artist known for painting vibrant skeletal renditions of pop culture icons like Muhammad Ali and Karl Lagerfeld onhe streets of New York. Bradley is known for making his art accessible to everyone and not confining his work exclusively to galleries. He’s the people’s artist #ForAllTime. Bringing his soulful, introspective style to the Suede’s 50th anniversary, the PUMA x BT collection features timeless strokes of color that put his art into perspective.

My inspiration for this collaboration came from the act of painting itself. When I’m painting in the streets, I’m wiping my hands off on my clothing in order to pick up my phone, or grab a new brush. Organically I started to have people comment on my paint strained clothes and want to know where to buy them, so I wanted to bring that element to the PUMA collaboration. I once had someone offer $10,000 to frame my pants!” muses Bradley.

With the Suede as his canvas, Bradley splashes its signature plush upper with hand-painted Pantone stains in vibrant blues, pinks, reds with black as contrast. Flowing like feelings, the rich artwork continues on to the laces and finally to the midsole that’s encased by a translucent outsole. As a nod to his creative exploration of humanity, each shoe is finished off with a tiny, radiant skull on the heel. As with every masterpiece, each Suede sneaker is signed off by the artist in gold on the lateral side.

Completing the capsule pack is a black T7 Track Jacket featuring bright Pantone hues in a brush-style application, Bradley Theodore’s signature skull embroidered on the chest and his signature at the back. The black T7 Track pants continue the theme. Together with a matching tee, the collection is certified covetable and collectible.

The Suede 50: PUMA x BT collection is now available in Kuwait at Sneaker store and Sole Lab store.