Evocative and sensual, Zanzibar’s UNESCO Heritage town of Stone Town is full of history. Each sensation brings together the echo of Zanzibar’s rich and fascinating history, from the sultans and explorers to the slave market merchants and the exotic spice trade.

Its labyrinth of twisting streets and alleys offers new sights, sounds and smells that catch the imagination at every turn; from massive carved doors, to intricate balconies, to tempting shops with colorful wares and bustling shoppers. Discover the sound of the muezzin calling followers to prayer from the mosques and be intoxicated by the scent of cloves, ginger and lemongrass.

What are you going to do where you get there? And where are you going to stay?

36 hours in Zanzibar

Breakfast at Park Hyatt Zanzibar. Experience the warm and welcoming feel of an Omani colonial home for breakfast. At their Zamani Residence, chef Ali Cherati showcases the culinary traditions of Arabian, Persian and Portuguese cuisine and has been designed to include the freshest of ingredients, largely sourced from local farms and markets.

Visit – The Old Customs House. Look out for the beautiful set of carved doors that have been decorated in an Arab style with fish, lotus and anchor-chain motifs.

Visit – The Old Fort. Built between 1698 and 1701, this high, dark brown building features remnants of an old church and castellated battlements. Discover the top of the battlements and the towers as well as the open-air theatre featuring contemporary and traditional music, drama and dance.

Visit – House of Wonders. This large building dominates the waterfront area of Zanzibar Town and is one of the best-known landmarks. It rises over several stories, featuring tiers of pillars and balconies and is topped by a large clock tower.

Lunch at Jafferji House Rooftop. No visit to Zanzibar is complete without stopping by at Jafferji House. Experience the breath-taking combination of fine cuisine with a captivating panoramic view of Stone Town’s historical sites and architecture. The newly transformed rooftop terrace offers innovative menus that change daily and features skilfully cooked cuisine using local ingredients blended with a continental fusion.

Visit – The Old Dispensary. A grand four-story building featuring a set of particularly decorative balconies.

Visit – The Peace Memorial Museum. Resembling a mosque or basilica church, discover the distinctive dome, arabesque windows and whitewashed walls.

Visit – The Palace Museum. This large white building with castellated battlements was originally called The Sultan’s Palace and was built in the late 1890’s for members of the Sultan’s family.

Sundowners at Russell’s place. Okay. We’re being slightly unfair here. If you do manage to snag a personal invite from Russell (one of only five Brits living on the island) to view the sunset from his private terrace, you’ll be seeing it from one of Zanzibar’s finest spots and with one of its finest hosts.

Second Day. Take a relaxed ramble around Stone Town’s great collection of shops. Highlights to look out for include Memoires Shop, Doreen Mashika, Secrets of Zanzibar and the Tamim Curio Shop! Book for a tour of Prison Island – 30 minutes from Zanzibar, it’s a great place for snorkelling and turtle spotting.

Time to spare? Experience the magic of Zanzibar with Safari Blue. Sail, snorkel, swim, sunbathe, explore, feast, observe. Menai Bay is scattered with isolated sandbanks, rugged island scenery, uninhabited islets, pristine marine life and crystal-clear turquoise waters – make Safari Blue your trusted guide.

Don’t miss – Park Hyatt Zanzibar features a collection of carefully curated Zanzibari and Tanzanian artwork. Discover brilliant artistry at every turn through a collection of paintings, drawings and objects of art that enhance the beauty of the hotel’s interior. Discover works from John Baptiste Da Silva, who was an authority on the architecture and history of Zanzibar; TingaTinga, whose colorful style was naïve, bordering on surrealistic and humorous and Simon Mpata, a student of TingaTinga and Muzu, who represent the extraordinary atmosphere of Zanzibar.

Where To Stay

Park Hyatt Zanzibar

Park Hyatt Zanzibar provides the quintessential starting point to explore Stone Town. Surrounding the property is a labyrinth of winding alleys, bustling markets, mosques and magnificent ornate wooden doors and colourful streets, filled with the rich aromas of spices, perfumes and local handcrafts, all within walking distance of the hotel.

Park Hyatt Zanzibar is situated on the beachfront in Stone Town, the historical centre of the city and a designated UNESCO Heritage site. As the cultural heart of Zanzibar, little has changed in Stone Town over the last 200 years. The town’s unique blend of Arabic and African cultural influences originate from the 19th century when Zanzibar Island served as a centre for the trade of spices. During this period, Zanzibar, also known as the “Spice Island,” was the most important trading hub along the east coast of Africa. Today, the streets of Stone Town are filled with rich aromas of spices, perfumes and local handcrafts.

With its 67 spacious guest rooms, including 11 suites, the hotel offers the perfect blend of contemporary style, modern technology, timeless regional accents and sheer luxury. All guestrooms reflect the Park Hyatt brand’s intimate elegance, providing an ideal place to stay for discerning business and leisure travellers. Oceanfront rooms feature spectacular views of Dhow Harbour and the Indian Ocean. All rooms feature four-poster beds, generously sized bathrooms with rain showers, ultra-soft bath towels and exclusively created signature scented amenities, providing all the finishing touches that we needed. You can also revel in every detail of their carefully selected artwork and literature.

Book a Park Suite: these 100 square metre suites include a separate living area, with Indian Ocean views, floor to ceiling windows and individual balconies. Light and airy and for an elegant, contemporary feel, the furniture features beautiful Zanzibari chests and four-poster beds. Spacious bathrooms with separate rain-showers offer Milano marble flooring and Rosa Arora surfaces, creating a fresh sense of wellbeing.

Park Hyatt Zanzibar’s Zamani Residence offers a unique dining concept, featuring a range of authentic cuisines catering to all tastes. Zamani Residence includes a Library with Veranda, a Living Room and a Dining Room with an outdoor terrace, and a residential style kitchen, allowing guests to dine in a variety of different spaces. The hotel’s Pool Lounge specializes in local fish dishes complemented with traditional western sandwiches and salads.

There are few places better suited to a bit of R&R. You’ll find yourself able to retreat to the tranquil sanctity of the hotel’s The Spa and indulge in a selection of body treatments, massages and personal services within the spa’s hair salon. Guests can also enjoy the exclusive oceanfront infinity pool and a fully equipped fitness centre featuring state-of-the-art cardio and strength training facilities.