Self-taught creator of astonishing pieces of wearable art and daedal jewelry, Ranya Sarakbi is perhaps the most talented sculptor you’ve never heard of. Low-key in the world of the over-blown, Sarakbi’s most recent work – ‘Untitled, 2019’ was viewed during Milan Design Week. 

Currently living and working in Italy’s second city, Lebanese Sarakbi has made a name for herself amongst those ‘in-the-know’ for her esoteric and larger-than-life pieces. In 2013 she created an imposing installation out of more than 16,000 bronze castings. Entirely handmade, its serpentine form extended to 11 meters in length. 

At the other end of the scale, smaller works – but no less striking – include neck ornaments and wrist adornments. 

The seminal two-part collar – Icarus/8800 – is, for us, her most memorable piece to date. 150 pieces of gold-plated bronze form the wings and body of a falcon – as singular in concept as it was in execution. 

Milan, 2019 Quite beautiful despite (or, perhaps because of) its hideousness, the artist’s sculpture carries extractable spines to be worn as amulets around the neck. Continuing Sarakbi’s obsessive marriage of the aesthetic and the industrial, it is a unique piece. That the human mind can envision and make real such works of extraordinary and forceful convolution as Sarakbi’s speaks volumes for the complexity and power of the driven mind.