In our newfound era of social distancing, REDValentino has launched a program to support bringing people together through the power of digital notes.

The house recognizes that in these unusual times being and feeling motivated is essential for the well-being of the REDValentino community. Even though we are all living an unprecedented situation of constrain, REDValentino feels that keeping in touch and communicating is extremely important and what better time to send a thoughtful note.

Taking inspiration from the Spring 2020 colorful patterns dedicated to flora and fauna, the house selected three artists: Charlotte Farmer, Ollie St. Clair Terry, and Matteo Giuntini to reinterpret with their own unique style the mood of the brand by creating original stamps.

Birds, butterflies, wildflowers are iconic reminiscences of lightheartedness, a route to freedom and happiness. REDValentino’s community is invited to participate an Instagram challenge called by the artists themselves, who will share their illustrations and message on the brand’s Instagram feed.

Participants will be able to download a letter template and select one or more stamp gifs and upload the message using the hashtag #DearestRED. The best messages will be shared on REDValentino’s stories section.

Overall the program is a positive project on hope, being safe and staying home spending time connecting with others. A smart program for the times that recognizes the true power of community is a brand’s most important asset.