Retro style, also known as vintage-inspired, isn’t exactly out of date; one might say it had quite the fame in the 1920s. When we say retro, think Gatsby! Don’t we all want hair like Daisy Buchanan? Personally, we wouldn’t mind that Tiffany’s headpiece from the latest movie ourselves. However, when people hear retro they think retro waves or curls.

But wait, there are a lot of retro looks that are easy to achieve and just as fab. One of the looks is the “Bouffant” which is derived from the French word “Bouffante”; it means “to puff, or puff out.” Which basically means teasing your hair in plain English. This look was quite popular back then, especially with side bangs. Some women would even add a ribbon to compliment the look. Take inspiration from the likes of Bridget Bardot and tease away. Remember not to overdue it to avoid damaging and breaking your hair.