There was a time when the phrase “no-makeup makeup” did not exist, after all putting on red lipstick at 7am was considered the norm. Yes, women of society were expected to have their makeup in place on a daily basis, and we’re not talking about tinted moisturizers and
a bit of mascara. But then again, who’s complaining? Who wouldn’t want to dive into the makeup box and smoke that eye out and top it off with a red lip. The only downside would have been that they didn’t have any makeup wipes for emergencies back then.

We’ve lately been so obsessed with opting for the no-makeup makeup look, or perhaps just lazy; which is still very pretty and natural don’t get us wrong, but we did lose sight of the beauty and art of makeup. Sit down this weekend and spend sometime treating and pampering your face with your favorite products. We recommend a brown smokey eye and extremely volumizing mascara. Top it off with a red lip and you’ll be ready for your night out! Emphasize on the word night, not day, it’s not the 20s!