Originally inspired from the shoe of a marquis, from a time where buckles were considered jewelry for the feet, the iconic shoe was finally born in 1965. The straight sides of the rectangle symbolized masculinity, whilst the rounded edges represented femininity – Monsieur Vivier believed that this modernized rectangle shape was the perfect symbol of balance. By the time it was 1967, the Maison’s most iconic style was worn by the world’s most elegant women of that time and forever immortalized as the “Belle Vivier” after French Actress Catherine Deneuve wore a pair in Luis Banuel’s film “Belle de Jour”.

Throughout the years, the buckle has evolved taking also a round shape representing stability, longevity, preciousness and refinement. Today, Gherardo Felloni, the Maison’s Creative Director brought back the heritage of the buckle into the Spring/Summer 2020 collection. An updated buckle with more rounded curves becomes a new signature for a collection of shoes and bags. Inspired by the iconic Belle Vivier, the Très Vivier features a retro look and the pumps were also designed with a chunky heel that comes in two heel heights; as previously done by Monsieur Vivier at the time.
With a variety of materials, color combinations and buckles styles to choose from; pick your favorite pair to start off on the right foot.

The perfect fit for a tribute to the 55th anniversary of the iconic buckle!