Discover Rituals Cosmetic’s re-launch of the popular Eau de Parfum range, landing in June. Celebrate your favourite scents with a beautiful updated look, including two new invigorating scents, Rose De Shiraz and L’Essence.

Inspired by the precious ingredients from the Orient, Ritual’s perfumers have masterfully crafted an exclusive collection of luxurious, exciting and exquisite perfumes. One just as unique as the next. Embark on one of these voyages through our new range of eau de parfum in the Oriental Essences collection.

Today we chose the “Rose de Shiraz”:
Imagine a starry night sky above the curves of Persian rooftops and wander along the narrow streets that echo the sounds and aromas of market day. Surround yourself with the feminine fragrance of the Damasque Rose, enriched with the musky notes of ambrette and the zesty tones of rhubarb.