Known for her specialization as a Kuwaiti makeup artist with a modern twist, Sabika Al-Rashed, lovingly known as Seby, elegantly treads the fine line between keeping it simple and glamming it up, focusing first and foremost on the client and the appropriate occasion.

Realizing her real passion and love for “art” and “beauty,” Sabika discovered that she desired to explore further and develop this passion. She decided to quit her job at one of the leading banks in Kuwait and pursue her future aspiration.

Seby traveled back to London, where she had spent much of her childhood, enrolled in several professional courses at some of UK’s finest makeup schools, where she learned everything about makeup from skincare & face preparation to drag & SFX makeup. She was rewarded with 13 certificates, and the onward journey began.

What inspired you to work in the beauty industry?

Being raised in London when I was a young girl, I would be inspired by the simplicity and natural beauty of the west. I was fascinated by how these women looked so perfect, beautiful yet simple and I wanted to recreate such looks, first on myself, but also on women all across the Middle East.

How would you describe your makeup style?

Simple, timeless, effortless & classic. 

One of our personal favorite beauty product that we can’t live without is your beauty essence. 

Tell us about how you came upon the idea, the production process, and the public’s reaction.

Aww, thank you! I call it ‘my magic spell in a bottle.’ Working as a freelance makeup artist on different skin tones/types while also traveling 

to work with brides and for fashion weeks, I had wanted to pack one product that works for everyone, a product that can heal your skin and improve skin texture. That’s where I came up with the idea of my radiance glow lotion with my partner David Horne. It took us two years to get the right formula, and thankfully everyone simply loved it – everywhere! 

What differentiates a regular client from a bride, in terms of makeup styles?

For brides, I keep it classic and never follow trends, whereas for a regular client I can play more with colors and styles.

What is your go-to everyday makeup look?

No makeup honestly! I just let my skin breathe, that’s the only face I have, and my skin will thank me for it later. 

What are 3 beauty products you cannot live without?

My radiance glow lotion, Dior backstage lip balm, and my lash curler. 

What do you advise upcoming makeup artists in the region?

My advice is to ‘BE YOURSELF’; never compare yourself to others and never be shy to reach out to other makeup artists to learn from their experience, because I believe a true makeup artist is one who never stops learning and sharing her/his experience and knowledge. Everyone is more than welcome to visit my beauty studio in Kuwait to learn about everything related to makeup.

Wardrobe: Harvey Nichols – Creative director: DoubleA Studio – Photographer: Khaled Yasen