Salim believes in storytelling through fashion. He studied graphic design at the Lebanese University and went on to get a master’s degree in visual communication from Canada. He considers himself as an illustrator of traditional stories and local customs. He uses his design and illustration skills to highlight and document these stories, customs and traditions, and events with embroidery. 

Known for intricate hand-embroidered designs which are fabulously executed by local craftswomen in Mount Lebanon, allowing them to tell their own stories with their needles and threads, Salim Azzam’s designs and illustrations on shirts and dresses bring personal stories to life. 

Azzam’s work represents a mix of artwork and skills, giving him an opportunity to undertake social design in communities. Each collection has a different theme, and under each theme come some stories that are embroidered on plain white shirts. His unique designs and attention to the social aspect of design, involving the community in his projects, were some of the reasons for his deserving popularity.

Salim Azzam, the storyteller, begins designing his pieces with a blank canvas and utilizes the art of embroidery to tell a story. Each collection has a specific theme, and each piece tells a different story.