Samantha Qureshi is a NARS Senior Makeup Artist, fulfilling a position designed to help communicate the philosophies and ideals that François Nars bestowed on the company at its inception.

Samantha learnt her skill in France and holds a degree in cosmetology in addition to her makeup training, both of which have seen her become the accomplished Artist she is today. Whilst in France she perfected her technique on various TV and Theatre projects working for numerous French TV channels and most notably the Campaign for top selling musical the Bodyguard in London with Beverly Knight. She has worked with some of the key French and Moroccan designers such as Patrick Boffa, Christophe Guillarmé and Max Chaoul.

Samantha now blends her background in retail, fashion, TV and theatre perfectly and captures the true essence of Francois Nars with a strong passion and encouraging self- expression. True to the core of the philosophy of NARS, Samantha strives to help women feel beautiful and make beauty all about accessibility, confident that they can discover their own individuality.

When did you start your career as a makeup artist, and how did you start? I got into makeup about ten years ago, I started to study cosmetology and beauty therapy. With makeup I just learned the basics, I was self-taught as I never attended a makeup school. I basically started in the retail environment for makeup brands. I slowly built my skills and worked my way into the fashion industry. When I started working with different designers I had a more open vision of what beauty is and how it was defined. After that, I left to London about five years ago and it has been a turning point in my life.

When did you start working with NARS cosmetics? At NARS it has been over three years now, continuously travelling the world and sharing beauty conversation with you guys. It is a beautiful journey that I am on.

What is your favorite NARS product? Which do you use on a daily basis? I am a makeup lover. Some people have habits and they stick to that, I’m not like that, I love experimenting. I am really moody when it comes to makeup, I’m also very seasonal. The staple products from NARS that are always with me are: The Copacabana multiple stick, it’s the perfect ivory highlight glow. Another is the Audacious volumizing mascara, and of course a matte red lipstick.

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What 2018 beauty trends do you see sticking around long term? Definitely moving forward, everything we see backstage is the same, which  is raw skin. By raw skin, we mean no-makeup makeup. The trend is to wear makeup where you actually need to not overdo it. Glowy, beautiful, raw skin.

What do you strive to make a woman feel as a makeup artist? My goal when I’m working with someone is to make her feel as the best version of herself. What I mean by that is not necessarily overdoing the makeup, I like to respect who she is as a person. It can be about understanding the authenticity and bringing out all the beauty out with makeup.

How do you prep dry and oily skin before foundation? I use oils for everyone, even oily skin. Oil is what your skin recognizes the most, there’s a beautiful selection of them in NARS’ skincare line. Oils produced by your skin are different than the ones in products so using them on oily skin can also be beneficial. If you choose the right oils, your skin would look great no matter what. A lot of toner is essential for the skin before makeup application as well. Skincare is a major game changer when it comes to prepping.

What’s the best makeup routine to go by? That’s a very individual thing, but for me, my skincare is essential and a lot of highlighter. I always want to feel fresh as I travel a lot, I use a lot of concealers, a bit of mascara, and lip balm or something very sheer on the lips. What works for everyone is of course taking care of your skin and from there everything comes beautifully. It all depends on how you perceive beauty.