SHA Nutrition is healthy, natural, energising, and balanced. It is inspired by ancient principles, adapted to modern life with a flexible, practical, and appealing approach respecting nature’s offerings at the given time and place. It is personalised based on individual’s needs.

The SHA food pyramid upholds the recommendations of the World Health Organisation and, to a great extent, obey the directives of the most prestigious universities in the field as the Harvard Medical School or the Nutritional Science Unit of Cornell University. SHA´s main restaurant, SHAmadi, offers the most select salutary cuisine, mixing Mediterranean and Japanese traditions, and always prepared with natural organic ingredients.

A healthy and therapeutically cookery has been awarded with Millesime´s highest recognition for the Best Gastronomic Trend Grand of 2009 and a Sun in the Repsol Guide 2011. SHAmadi healthiest dishes are able to delight the most exquisite palates. Why go? If you’re looking for a retreat – of quite some comfort – and have made a commitment to understanding your health and well-being – SHA is the place for you.

In shorthand, you could call it a spa, but this would not be doing it justice. It’s so much more. It’s medical, it’s spiritual, it’s educational. It’s the true 360 degree experience. You’ll learn more about yourself at this holistic retreat in Alicante than you’d imagine pssible with their four, seven or ten days programmes. They recommend at least seven days to live the full experience. We’d agree – the first two of our days were spent trying to ignore a pounding headache delivered through our disconnection with caffeine. The upside is that we felt fabulous on the third day. It’s a Western science meets ancient Eastern wisdom expereince.

It’s exactly the kind of thing we’d steer clear of – the sort of fad that we’ll freely pass on. Except this isn’t a fad – it’s already changed too many lives for that. We’re declared to be in fine health, but stressed. A tailored and busy schedule – up to four treatments a day – variously included accupuncture (following which we barely stayed awake during dinner, slept at 10 o’clock and woke at 8 declaring – truthfully – we’d never slept better), deep tissue massages, a visit to the gym – where our lack of flexibility was highlighted, and worked upon – and seaweed scrubs plus high-pressure hosing.

Meditation, yoga and mindfulness sessions are de rigeur if you’re going to do this properly. Whilst your body and mind is being taken care of fabulously well, our enduring highlights of SHA are the mealtimes. Don’t go there with visions of starvation – instead meals extend to four (okay, small) courses.

What they lack in volume, they more than make up for in quality and, in any case, we soon admitted something we already knew – we’re eating too much. Smaller quantities, fine ingredients, the right nutrients. Nailed it.