Emirati artist Shaikha Al Mazrou is on a constant journey through materials, form, and content. In describing her work, Al Mazrou explains that it is less about storytelling and more about challenging perceptions. It comes mainly from the school of minimalism, with a focus on industrially made works. 

Passions Arabia - Shaikha Al Mazrou - 3

What her gallery says: 

“Al Mazrou’s practice is anchored in history of art, borrowing formally from minimalism and intellectually from conceptual art. Influenced by artists from the Modernist and Bauhaus Movements – such as Paul Klee, Carle Andre and Wassily Kandinsky – Al Mazrou uses the formal aspects of minimalism to engage in a current fascination with materiality in art. 

Often in her works she combines mass-produced materials such as electronic waste or construction materials with colour and form, experimenting with these resources to create abstract geometric arrangements. Fascinated by notions of physical space, her sculptures and installations materialize as simple gestures that emphasize the representation of tension, weight and space.” Lawrie Shabibi Gallery

What the artist says: 

“Being fascinated by material, I wanted to take normal metal sheets that are used in industrial fields and transform their physical form, changing their context, and using the power of colour to give a three-dimensional shape. for this collection, I created seven different works in a range of colours. You will often find dichotomy in my practice – something looks handmade, but isn’t. Something that looks soft, but is actually metal.”