As many of us are socially responsible and are spending our days home to ensure our safety and the safety of others we cannot help but wonder how this drastic change in our social lives will affect us.
At Passions Arabia, we took it upon ourselves to experiment a little. Our luxury editor spent a whole week in pajamas and lounge wear and the following week she got up and dressed up. Here is what she thought:

So I decided to spend a week in pajamas and the following week I dressed up every morning.
Although I was home in both scenarios the outcome was not the same.
The week spent in pajamas, my productivity level was low and my laziness kept increasing on a daily level. As the days passed I kept procrastinating EVERYTHING! My to-do list kept increasing because I only accomplished a few of the written tasks per day and moved the rest to the next day and it kept adding up. I felt like I was giving in to the lazy lifestyle and it made me feel down and that was when emotional eating started.

The following week I decided NO MORE!

As the following week started, I woke up early got dressed up, moved my work station to the room I spend the least time in at home. I was going through my to-do list like my life depended on it that even I was shocked. I felt more accomplished, refreshed and more confident. I was snacking less and felt more like myself. I was more organized and it felt GREAT!
Home is our sanctuary, our relaxing space and comfort zone and just a few changes such as dressing up and sitting in my least frequented room has created a productive zone within the homey bubble.
We, as humans, are creatures of habit and if we let our confinement make us lazy then the mindset will outlive the quarantine days. Unless we are feeling sick it is definitely worth it to dress up; it is very important to our emotional state. Just like putting on a nice outfit or our favorite lipstick on a bad day to lift up our mood – dressing up during quarantine plays a crucial role on how we feel, our positivity, our productivity, our drive or even our eating habits.

To sum it all up: LOOK GOOD, FEEL GREAT!