Trends come and go but a few really do stick. In the fashion world we see a lot of different styles tried by different people. One that started out oddly and has made a big impact on the fashion industry is sportswear. Who would have ever guessed that we would be roaming the malls in knee length skirts with a university varsity jacket or wearing sneakers with a lift in them (wedge sneakers.) The trend has stuck and had become a staple in our closets.

If you think about it there are specific brands that are dedicated to a specific sport. Does Polo Ralph Lauren ring any bells? Again, it’s all about how you style it and what you’re comfortable in. Let’s go through a few basics about how to incorporate sportswear into your outfits. We see how fashion bloggers and style icons are always in their casual loafers with a football jersey over their shoulders and think “how do they look flawless while dressing down?” well it’s all about mixing it up. Another outfit idea would be a flared skirt, casual tee, and a pair of converse shoes or sneakers. A lot of designers and celebrities have had collaborations with sportswear brands such as Nike, Puma, and Adidas which makes us want it more!