It didn’t take long for spring to find us and we are always in anticipation of this much awaited time of the year. Designers out-do themselves, enticing us into their world of visual bonanzas and expressive statements made through fashion and style.

Spring is definitely here folks, and we’re ready for a new wardrobe. The Spring/Summer collections are out in stores, and we’ve got you covered.

We bet you’ll be flipping the pages looking for that floral trend. Not this year! Miranda Priestly would be so proud of us. This spring we’re all about the hippie lifestyle, but a bit on the modern edge. Feathers are taking over the runways, and we’re not complaining about that either. When it comes to beauty, the industry is constantly changing, but some trends never go out of style such as slick-straight hair! Take out your straighteners and head over to our beauty section.

We’ve met a lot of inspirational personalities, and we’re excited to share their journeys with you. From fashion designers from the heart of France to local designers and architects. We’ve all been wondering about the construction of Terminal 2 in Kuwait, and we’ve all been excited to see the result. We got a chance to sit down and chat with one of the architects on the project, Abrar Al Ebrahim, who tells us all about the project and what makes it special.

Milan Fashion Week! No, we did not forget about that; we take you on a trip to Milan just flipping through the pages; order in that pizza and engorge in the latest runway shows.

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