Simplicity is classy, but then again sometimes overrated perhaps. What’s wrong with having a bit of fun with accessories and jewelry?

Kylie Jenner does not seem to mind stacking those eight Cartier Love bracelets, and 5 rings too, and that’s only on a day where she’s dressing down.

Whether you prefer jewelry or accessories, gold or diamonds, rings or bracelets, this trend must be incorporated into your style! Changing up outfits sometimes is tiring, accessorizing in a different way might completely change your look. For example, add a couple of gold bangles to brighten up a white dress. Want to show off your latest manicure? Stack those rings up! Try two on one finger, works too.

Color, crystals, anything your heart desires. Play around with this trend, let your imagination go wild. However, sometimes too much of something is not a good thing right? Let’s decide to go with one simple rule of taking off an item before you leave the house!

Words by Rawan Qabazard