Summer – the season in which even the lightest of mousses tends to melt — is not exactly chocolate’s friend. So what’s a chocohalic to do? Well, for one thing, indulge in the new Bien Être collection from La Maison du Chocolat, which is as much about fruits and veggies as it is about chocolate.

Bien Être, which means “well-being” in French, represents an 18-month collaboration between the maison’s master chef, Nicolas Cloiseau.

And Paris-based nutritionist Thierry Hanh, M.D., resulting in plant-based, dairy- and gluten-free ganaches. Out with cream, butter and processed sugar, in with hazelnut oil, honey and (74 %) fruit in a 15-piece collection that features three pieces each of Mango Turmeric, Green Apple Aloe Vera, Squash Seed Praline, Peach Propolis and Pomegranate (in the U.S., it sells for $34).

There’s also a snack-size edition of Bien Être, priced at $6.50. Only two of the flavors are available for the two-piece packaging. Squash Seed Praline is made with hazelnut oil, cocoa butter, almond praline, caramelized squash chips, guanaja couverture, and coconut milk. Green Apple Aloe Vera includes maple syrup, acacia honey, hazelnut oil, cocoa butter, green apple, apple juice and puree, lemon juice, aloe vera flavor guanaja couverture and chicory fiber.