Going into summer 2019 has us more excited than we can express, winter has finally come and gone (RIP GOT), and we can’t wait to bask in all that the summer sun has to offer us!

The onset of summer typically translates to a bit of traveling, and if you’re anything like us, packing for summer OOTDs can cause quite some last-minute panic! That’s why we’re breaking down the biggest summer trends you can be sure will pack a punch to any summer wardrobe (and suitcase)!

Hair Accessories: It’s undeniable that hair has been getting quite a bit of attention this season… but forgo flower crowns and opt for fun 1990s inspired oversized hair clips instead. They can add a summery feel to any basic outfit, and the best part is you can ditch the blowout!

Print: Tbh, if you told us last year that we would be coveting a leopard print or a bold geometric for beachside attire, we wouldn’t have believed you! And yet here we are, loving this trend! It creates a beautiful juxtaposition to any tan and will set you apart from the linen wearing throngs.

Oversized/Undersized: This trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and we are super happy with that. There is a lot of fun to be had with mixing proportions from oversized headgear to a micro bag. We absolutely love it!

Rainbow Life: One cannot resist the siren call of a rainbow in 2019! From jewelry (Arkay) to shoes (Liudmilla) go for the full spectrum or keep it tonal with this season’s favorite colors: vibrant green and lilac.

Shame-free: Our absolute favorite trend of the season and a MUST PACK… it’s ‘body confidence’! That’s right, embracing your imperfections and loving your body is the absolute most significant trend in 2019. That means, yes, you can and should wear that crop top athletic set you have been eyeing. It’s hot outside and so are you!

Raffia Life: Raffia used to be relegated to making it illogically tricky trying to pack oversized hats, but now it’s trending on everything from earrings to shoes! Nothing says summer quite like this material, and there is something so definitively seasonal that we cannot resist it in all its new and cute permutations.